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Improvise Your Living With Essential Oils

Improvise Your Living With Essential Oils

Published on May 14 , 2024

Everyone loves natural products! Besides helping us lead a healthy life, they also prove to be completely harmless. Similarly, essential oils are also a product of nature. These oils are extracted from plants and are extremely beneficial to us in many ways. In recent times, the use of essential oils is rapidly increasing. So let's know more about it!

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Essential oils are concentrated, a volatile aromatic liquid obtained from fruits, seeds, flowers, leaves, or other plants' parts. Plants create these oils naturally and store them into tiny molecular sell. These small molecular cells in plants help in attracting bees or repelling pests.

Citrus plants like orange, lemons, limes store their essential oils in the rhine of the fruits. These are "essential" in the term as they are referred to as the "essence" or odor of the plant. Although these are named oils, yet they aren't oily in texture.

True essential oil is the one which fulfills all the following criteria: . Grows in an indigenous area . Is harvested at its peak time . Is Properly distilled . Not tampered or alternated in any way.


Each essential oil comprises of 20-200 different compounds. A lot of these compounds are present in a concentration of less than 1%. These affect the overall therapeutic benefits or aroma of essential oil.

Essential oils are fairly volatile, which means that they will evaporate freely at room temperature. They are also lipid-soluble, i.e., soluble in oils and fats. Depending on the chemical composition, some of these oils are also water-soluble.

HOW ARE ESSENTIAL OILS PRODUCED? Two processes to produce essential oils are: . STEAM DISTILLATION . COLD PRESSING


Most essential oils are extracted from this method. In this method, steam is passed through plant material, which collects the volatile oil. As the steam condenses and cools down, the water separates from the oils. After the process, the floral water product or hydrosol and the essential oils are separated.

COLD PRESSING Citrus oils are often produced by this method. Initially, the rhines and the citrus fruits' peels are pressed to get out the essential oils. They are not preferred to be steam distilled because it damages the oils. So citrus fruits are cold-pressed.


Essential oils are a natural way to help with common symptoms in everyday concerns. It helps in balancing our whole being. It can be said that they are an alternative form of medicine.

Essential oils can help with regulating our immune system. They regulate our motions, support the respiratory system, and also ease nervous tension. They can be used to boost energy levels. They even help us to relax and sleep soundly.


Now, if you are a beginner and do not know which one to start with, then here's bringing you information about each essential oil specifically,

LAVENDER Lavender helps promote sleep, relaxation and encourages a peaceful mindset. It can also be used to enhance your beauty by reducing wrinkles and scarring. Lavender essential oil helps with pain associative and bee stings. Alongside, smells amazing.

LEMON Lemon essential oil is just uplifting! If you have a weak immune system, this essential oil is perfect, supporting your immune system. It also makes a great cleaning agent.

EUCALYPTUS Eucalyptus works amazingly as it helps congestion and respiratory health. It benefits by easing discomfort from aches in your joints associated with it aging. Furthermore, it stimulates mental focus.

TEA TREE OIL Tea tree oil has been used since ancient times to treat skin problems. It has an amazing odor, which helps killing foul smell. Similar to lemon, this can also be used as a great cleaning agent.

PEPPERMINT Peppermint energizes and makes one feel invigorated. It helps with nausea and head tension. It is also useful to stimulate mental focus and is cooling to the skin.


There should be certain safety measures you should always take while using essential oils : . Before applying essential oils topically or to the skin, you should always dilute it in a carrier oil, body lotions or creams, or aloe gel. . Always check the bottle of oil or blend for specific dilution recommendations. . One should only diffuse to 30-60 minutes at a time. If needed to diffuse for a day or all night, prefer diffusing 30 minutes on/ 30 minutes off.

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Published on May 14 , 2024

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